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EEOC Slammed Again for Relying Upon Unsupportable “Expert” Opinion

Posted by Frank Steinberg | Mar 23, 2015 | 0 Comments

I can't add much to the Employment Class Action Blog's report on EEOC v. Freeman (4th Cir. 2015). Suffice it to say that the EEOC got caught – again – with its hand in the intellectual cookie jar, relying upon bogus expert opinion.  

Here's our post about the last time the EEOC got similarly slammed – that time by the 6th Circuit – for similar reasons, and using the same “expert.”

You have to read the opinions to get a flavor of just how egregious these situations really were.

Let's hope that no more of the taxpayers' money is spent on hiring this fellow in other cases.  And if the EEOC has to stretch this far to try to prove a case, perhaps they need to reconsider the cases that they are bringing.  This kind of enforcement serves no legitimate purpose.  Enough is enough.

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