We know that it's hard to run a business today. You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't realize that New Jersey businesses are subject to continually changing legal demands in an environment that is becoming more complex every day. Litigation is a fact of business life, and it is the rare business that does not have to deal with conflict resolution, whether in court, a regulatory proceeding, arbitration or mediation, or informally.

While large businesses have in-house legal staff and outside firms on retainer, small and medium-sized businesses usually don't have that luxury. And worse, for small and medium-sized companies, almost any litigation can be a “bet the company” case. That's why we believe that smart businesses need a law firm that's different from the norm. 

Business law really is different here, and we'd like to show you how. It all starts with a phone call to Steinberg Law, LLC. Schedule a confidential consultation by calling (908) 685-0600.

Your Needs Are Unique

Our experience has taught us that clients have unique needs. No two businesses are the same. They have different structures, cultures, goals, and resources. No two business people are the same. They have different approaches to life and different tolerances for risk and conflict.

That's why we tailor our services to your needs instead of forcing you into our way of doing things.

So don't be surprised when we first meet and you find yourself doing most of the talking. That's because we see our first job as listening. The best way we can help you is to understand your needs and goals. We'll probably ask you if we can set up a complimentary meeting at your office to tour your facilities—just so we can better understand your business. We do that on our own nickel because we think it's part of the partnership that we have with our clients. The better we know you and your business, the better and more efficiently we can serve you.

It's that simple, and that important.

You Come First

While our practice emphasizes business and employment law, our first focus is on integrity and customer service. Customer service is the touchstone of our corporate culture, and you can expect to experience that every time you contact us.

We are privileged to do what we do. We know that our clients make that possible. If we are fortunate enough to have you as a client, we will make every effort to keep you so happy that you will recommend us to others.

Our Flexible Fee Arrangements Make Sense

“What's your hourly rate?” How many times do people call and ask that question? Trust us, it's a lot.

But it's usually the wrong question to ask.

Law firms all over the country are now offering so-called “alternative billing” arrangements such as flat fees. Some only offer flat fees, although we think that's too limited an approach.

Just as clients differ, so too do the fee arrangements that make sense for different legal projects.

Hourly fees still have their place, if only because some clients prefer them to the alternatives. And hourly fees are cost-effective in many situations.

The truth is, though, that in litigation, hourly fees can get very high very quickly. Sometimes that can't be helped, but better alternatives often are available.

We represent plaintiffs as well as defendants, so we're used to having to get a good result in order to get paid. We generally prefer to share risk with our clients—being well rewarded for a good result while risking lower pay for a bad one. It is comforting for our clients to know that our financial interest is aligned with theirs.

In addition to hourly fees, we have utilized contingency fees, flat fees, reduced flat fees coupled with a contingency, reduced hourly fees coupled with a contingency—the possibilities are endless. The key is to work together to find the best fee arrangement for a particular case.

So what question should our callers ask? "What is the most cost-effective way to solve my problem?" Call us at (908) 685-0600 for an answer.

Being Smart About Business Litigation

Steinberg Law is a small firm by design. We don't dream of growing to 75 lawyers with support staff to match. We have worked for big firms. They have their place, but for most clients, business law services can be provided better in a small firm setting. The personal relationships are closer that way. Since there is a limit to the number of cases that we can handle at one time, you can trust that you always have our attention.

Most cases don't require legions of associates to grind through piles of documents and bill endless hours. We use incentive-based fees, so to make money we have to know what your case requires and how to present it. We don't have the luxury of turning over every rock to look underneath, and we usually don't have to. We have the experience to know what's important, what's not, and how to present the facts persuasively.

The use of technology is a given these days, but we were an early adopter of legal technology and continue to use it to give our clients a competitive edge and cost-effective representation. Some cases call for a high-tech presentation, some for low-tech, and most for a combination. Again, the key is to know what works.

We Believe in Community

New Jersey is a great (if unfairly maligned) state. Central New Jersey, in particular, is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. We believe that we are privileged to be lawyers and that our legal training gives us the ability to do things for the common good that others sometimes can't. And yes, we want to leave our corner of the world a better place for our children.

Frank Steinberg gives his time to a number of local organizations. He has served as Chairman of the Somerset County Business Partnership, New Jersey's only fully accredited Chamber of Commerce. He is President of the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition and Chairman of the New Jersey Aviation Association. He donates his time to speak to non-profit organizations on topics that include employment law and civil rights and is active in his church.

That commitment to our community will only increase as time goes by.