Whether you run a private company, nonprofit organization, or governmental units such as a
county or municipality, you may have to confront claims of discrimination or sexual harassment
in the workplace. When you do, protecting yourself by hiring a professional third-party
workplace investigator is often the smart course of action. 

Discovering the Workplace Accusation

Steinberg Law delivers timely and trusted advice for workplace complaints including
discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and whistleblower situations.  

Uncovering Accusation of Bias

We conduct complete and objective investigations so that you, the employer, can be confident that the findings are
supportable and free from the weaknesses that may come with internal investigations, such as
accusations of bias.

Experienced Workplace Investigation Lawyers

For you, we put our legal knowledge and years of experience together with
our interview, analytical, and writing skills, to give you a valuable written report that will help
solve your workplace problem.

When you need trusted counsel to deal with workplace disputes, attorneys you will enjoy
working with and who speak in plain English, Steinberg Law is uniquely able to help.

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