At Steinberg Law, LLC, we advocate for the rights of New Jersey workers in all industries. Refer to these testimonials from our past clients to learn what it’s like to work with our firm, then contact our office to schedule a case review to discuss how we can help with your specific employment law needs.

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  • "Steinberg Law was the best legal firm I ever worked with as Franklyn Steinberg's vast experience & knowledge enabled us to obtain a large settlement against a fortune 500 company regarding my employment damages. I would highly recommend Steinberg Law to anyone."
  • "He answers my phone calls, he replies to my emails, he allows me to contribute suggestions and he has a desire to keep things efficient and simple. These are the basics of excellent customer service and Frank lives them every time we communicate. One more thing. He advises both employees and employers. Initially, I thought that would be a problem — in retrospect, I do believe Frank has a distinct advantage. He understands both sides — and whatever your needs may be, he is well-positioned to understand the psyche of both parties. So critical when it comes to employment law."
  • "Steinberg took the time, unrushed, to listen to the particulars - and then give down-to-earth feedback and potential avenues for me to consider moving forward in my legal matter. I highly recommend him for your employment matters and when in need of a solid consultation and services."
  • "I contacted Frank to discuss what options I would have to address an employment situation I was dealing with. He provided great insight from both a legal perspective as well as other considerations based on his vast experience. He provided the right balance of facts about the laws and personal insight. I would highly recommend Frank without reservation."