We like to share the news when our clients are happy with the services we provide. In this collection of testimonials, New Jersey employees and business owners share what it’s like to work with Steinberg Law, LLC to resolve complex legal concerns. Please remember that results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

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  • "Usually, when you need a lawyer, you've got a problem. I was very depressed about my situation. Frank was able to see it for what it was and came up with a number of options. One panned out very well, which relieved me of a great deal of stress and anxiety. I had not had much experience with lawyers. In fact, this was the first time I had to defend myself in this way. Frank was very adept at dealing with the legal issues and, almost as important, he took the burden off of me. Frank was very comforting. I certainly refer friends and colleagues to him."
  • "He is fair, honest, straightforward and speaks in simple language, no legal mumbo-jumbo. He's not your typical attorney. That's why I like him. Frank is a normal, down-to-earth guy, whom I've known for 20 years. We got to know each other from a real estate deal. Then he was instrumental in helping me with business situations and contract problems. Frank is extremely helpful and he has always been there for me. Frank is very sharp in his knowledge of the law. He gives good advice. In addition, he's considerate of his clients and provides excellent service. He's not just out there to make a buck."
  • "He answers my phone calls, he replies to my emails, he allows me to contribute suggestions and he has a desire to keep things efficient and simple. These are the basics of excellent customer service and Frank lives them every time we communicate. One more thing. He advises both employees and employers. Initially, I thought that would be a problem — in retrospect, I do believe Frank has a distinct advantage. He understands both sides — and whatever your needs may be, he is well-positioned to understand the psyche of both parties. So critical when it comes to employment law."
  • "Being a CPA in public practice for over 40 years, I can attest that Frank is a consummate professional in every way. Frank is extremely knowledgeable and communicates the legal issues in a clear and understandable manner. His work ethic is "second to none." Most importantly, Frank consistently exceeds his clients' expectations, which puts me in a very favorable position. I am always extremely confident that Frank will achieve the best possible solution for anyone I recommend to him."
  • "Frank could not have been more helpful or pleasant. He handled my issue quickly, professionally and extremely ethically. I could not ask for a better experience during a stressful time."
  • "Steinberg took the time, unrushed, to listen to the particulars - and then give down-to-earth feedback and potential avenues for me to consider moving forward in my legal matter. I highly recommend him for your employment matters and when in need of a solid consultation and services."
  • "I contacted Frank to discuss what options I would have to address an employment situation I was dealing with. He provided great insight from both a legal perspective as well as other considerations based on his vast experience. He provided the right balance of facts about the laws and personal insight. I would highly recommend Frank without reservation."
  • "We have a very complex airport access issue. Frank is outstanding at understanding Federal Aviation issues and crafting a viable course of action within the legal system. Aviation law can be a complicated and small subset. Frank is the only attorney we spoke to that understood the complexities of FAA regulations and the legal responsibilities of airport sponsors. Highly recommended."