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Everyone Knows to Beware the Ides of March

Everyone Knows to Beware the Ides of March

Posted by Frank Steinberg | Feb 15, 2012 | 0 Comments

But the Ides of February?  Who knew that such a thing even exists?  Apparently it does, as variously explained here and here and here.

Anyway, this is also budget season, and the president's proposed 2013 budget contains plenty of funding for the Department of Labor, EEOC and NLRB to do their work without much financial constraint.  Of course, it remains to be seen whether the proposed finding levels survive consideration in Congress.

With headlines about the administration's full-bore conflict with the Catholic Church — and other religious groups, for that matter — dominating the news, religious discrimination issues are also prominent in the courts.  The Supreme Court's unanimous smackdown of the administration in the Hosanna-Tabor case is just the most visible recent example.  Martha Zackin provides other recent examples of courts confronting the question whether businesses are engaged in unlawful religious discrimination or just making legitimate business decisions.  The line between the two can be a fine one.

Know someone who is messing around with his Facebook page to make things look better in a lawsuit?  Not a good idea — for either the client or his attorney — as explained by Tom Crane on the San Antonio Employment Law Blog.

Things are seldom stagnant in employment law, but our mid-February look-around suggests that things are moving rapidly right now, and show no signs of slowing down.  We will be here to try to help you make sense out of it all.

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