Protect your company's intellectual property.You have a lock on your front door to keep people from stealing your physical property, but do you have adequate security measures in place to protect your intellectual property? Many businesses don’t—not because they don’t think it’s important, but because they don’t know where to start. If this sounds like you, read on and then call Steinberg Law, LLC to find out how we can help.

What Is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property (IP) refers to anything that is a creation of the mind. Some examples include inventions, software code, images, literary work, product names, and symbols or logos. 

Some people mistakenly think that only tech companies have to worry about intellectual property. The truth is that every kind of business has ideas, designs, and creations that others might want to steal. If you don’t take certain legal steps to protect them, however, there may be nothing you can do to save your business if they are stolen.

What Should You Do to Protect Your Business?

At Steinberg Law, LLC, our business attorney will review your operations to determine where your intellectual property is most vulnerable. Strategies to protect your intellectual property might include:

  • Copyrights, trademarks, and patents. Registering your ownership of intellectual property with the appropriate government office will make protecting it much easier. An attorney can make sure you have followed all the steps when applying for a copyright, trademark, or patent to fully protect your idea or product.
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure contracts. Including clauses in employment contracts that prohibit employees from sharing company ideas or using them when they leave the company is vital to protecting your IP. However, you will need the help of an attorney to make sure the contracts are legally binding.
  • Registration of names. As soon as you have decided on a name for your business or product, you should register it in the state in which you are operating. Grabbing the domain name for your website—even if you don’t have a website yet—is also important.
  • Increased digital security. Our intellectual property attorney will also offer advice on the kind of investment you should make in security technology to protect your property as well as the sensitive customer or client information you might be storing.
  • Litigation. If you have to take legal action against someone who has stolen your intellectual property—or you are the target of litigation on an IP-related matter—our experienced litigator can fight for you in court.

No business is too big or too small to be immune from an intellectual property legal issue. From multi-billion dollar tech giants to a downtown bakery, every business has a product, database, idea, or name that needs to be protected from intentional—or unintentional but still very harmful—theft. Get started putting your company on the right path with a consultation at Steinberg Law, LLC. Contact us today.

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