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The Responsibility of Labor Day

Posted by Frank Steinberg | Sep 01, 2016 | 0 Comments

Monday marks Labor Day 2016.  For those of us who work to sometimes untangle but always preserve the legal rights of employers and employees alike, it's a day to reflect on what we've accomplished.  Equally, it's a day to ponder what will newly arise or is yet to be accomplished, because long experience teaches that there will always be another case arising out of some injustice, actual or perceived. The names will change, as will the facts.  There will be more of the same old-same old, and more nuances that we have not seen before.  If we have done our jobs right in the past, the former allow us to employ the wisdom that comes with experience to solve existing problems, while the latter demand our creativity to deal with new variations on old themes.  Either way the goal is always the same: to ensure that our clients are well-served and justice is done.

Employment lawyers are uniquely blessed.  In Labor Day we can claim a major national holiday dedicated to our clients and the employees of our clients.  No other subset of the bar, with the possible exception of those who represent our military, can say the same.  Yet with the recognition comes a concomitant responsibility. Because our nation formally honors our workers, those of us who represent employers and employees must never minimize the cultural and policy stakes in play in every case. Our firm looks forward to another year of striving to fulfill that responsibility.

In the meantime, our best wishes to all for a safe and happy Labor Day weekend, as we say goodbye to the summer vacation season (but not yet to summer itself!).

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