EEOC has released a webinar that updates how employers should respond to human resources issues related to coronavirus/COVID 19.  The webinar is linked here

A couple of comments.  First, the webinar answers some of the 500+ questions submitted to EEOC by members of the public. The answers are limited to the statutes under EEOC's jurisdiction, mainly the Americans with Disabilities Act [ADA], Rehabilitation Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act.  For other nondiscrimination laws, you should look to the Department of Labor and state authorities for more information.  Other questions were not answered because the agency itself is still trying to formulate answers.

Second, as we are incessantly reminded, the situation is fluid and the information provided in the webinar is only good as of March 27, 2020.  Employers need to keep up with developments through all involved government agencies, including the CDC.

Third, the narration is kind of mind-numbing.  The webinar would have benefited from an index that could have directed employers and employees to that portion of the narration that addresses particular subject matter.  Instead, one has to slog through all of the questions sequentially for up to 42 minutes to get all of the answers.  And don't walk out for a coffee refill --- you might miss the one thing you're interested in. In the overall, however, the information is useful.

Steinberg Law will continue to bring updates to your attention as we learn of them.

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