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Same-Sex Harassment Case

Same-Sex Harassment Case

Posted by Frank Steinberg | Oct 16, 2007 | 0 Comments

It's not New Jersey, but here's an article from The Birmingham (Alabama) News about a recent verdict of $250,000 in a same-sex harassment case.   The plaintiff claimed that "he was subjected to offensive touching and foul, vulgar and sexually explicit language in the workplace [and] saw other employees engaging in the activity."

The plaintiff reported the conduct to a supervisor but, according to the article, the company "did not have a sexual harassment policy" and wrote off the events as "horseplay."   You can buy a pretty good horse for the $250,000 verdict and (doubtless) six figure defense cost that this mistake in judgment cost the defendant.

We've said it before and doubtless will have the opportunity to make the point again, since companies continue to make the same silly mistakes.  If you don't have a harassment policy, get one.  Today.  It's some of the cheapest insurance you'll ever buy.

Once you have the policy, follow it.  Rigorously. 

Taking those two simple steps will help to avoid potentially catastrophic judgments.  Which in the case above probably have some corporate executives feeling like the south end of a horse going north.

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