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HR Basics 103: Those Pesky Posting Requirements

Posted by Frank Steinberg | Aug 21, 2009 | 0 Comments

Postings.  (Not the blog kind.)  You know them.  They're the things in inscrutably fine print that hang on the lunch room bulletin board and nobody reads.  While often hidden, they're easy to find if you'll just look under the softball team's schedule and the reminders about the who's supposed to bring the potato salad to the company picnic.

The law says that they have to be there (the postings, that is, not the softball schedule).  But if truth be told, this subject is too boring for even an employment lawyer to dwell on for long.  Fortunately,it's not too boring for the government, so this employment lawyer is pushing the substance of this post onto those who spend our tax dollars.  Our dauntless federal and state public servants have compiled lists of the required postings.  The US Department of Labor's list is here, and NJ's counterpart is here.

And yes, there can be consequences if an employer fails to post as required.

But as for me, I confess to being so bored by this subject that I'm ending this post.

Next: paying the price.

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