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Employment Law Pepper: Quick Hits on a Monday Morning

Posted by Frank Steinberg | Feb 14, 2011 | 0 Comments

Here in central New Jersey, like many other places, it has been a long, cold winter.  But this morning the winds of change are blowing, or will be this afternoon.  Our forecast calls for temperatures in the 50's today, and winds gusting to 50 as well.  So while it's way too early to celebrate the early arrival of spring, we'll gladly accept a respite from the deep freeze.

Another sign of spring is upon us: pitchers and catchers have reported to Major League Baseball training camps, or will within the next few days.  Things will be in full swing in the Grapefruit League within the next week.

For those of us who played baseball growing up, the beginning of the season calls to mind “pepper,” a wonderful little training game in which a batter gently hits balls to a group of fielders who stand a short distance away from him.  They fielders catch the ball and immediately pitch it back to the batter, who hits it again.  The game moves fast and helps to develop reflexes and hand-eye coordination.  It is, more importantly, a lot of fun.

So at least for the duration of spring training, the NJ Employment Law Blog will play its own version of pepper on Monday mornings.  We'll catch some of the interesting and important hits from the world of employment law, and hit them to you in rapid-fire fashion.

First up is Bar-Tur v. Arience Capital, a disability discrimination case in which a New York federal court threw out the plaintiff's complaint.  While there was no dispute that Bar-Tur had common variable immunodeficiency, the court found that she did not show that the condition substantially affected a major life activity.   Strike 3, unless an appellate court intervenes.  Details here.

Second is the news — which shouldn't be news to anyone — that office romance is both personally difficult and potentially dangerous to your employment.  It is regrettable that I must remind you of this on Valentine's Day, but that can't be helped.  The sad story from George's Employment Law Blog.

Third, some news about us.  We are coming down the home stretch on a long-delayed revamping of this blog and our firm's web site.  We can't tell you quite yet when the changes will go live, but we think that you'll like them, and we plan to keep improving things over time.  We will keep you informed about this.

So that's today's game of pepper.  Just an easy warmup for all concerned.  Check back next Monday for more, when the pitches will be a little faster and the grounders a little hotter.  Now if I can only find my mitt . . . ..

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